We are lucky enough to have met and interviewed loads of creative and talented women, but Kate Sutton of UberKate would be right up there with the most inspiring we've had the pleasure of crossing paths with so far. To say that Kate 'launched' UberKate 15 years ago is slightly misleading. It would be more accurate to say that her creative soul was awakened back then when she designed her first iconic ubercircle as a way of keeping her families names close to her heart while she was away on business trips. As a professional journalist and TV Producer, Kate didn't give much credence to the possibility of pursuing her creative passion until she was overwhelmed by the response and genuine interest in her ubercircles which clearly resonated with other like minded women. As luck would have it (may not have seemed so serendipitous at the time), a few years later, Kate lost her job and Uberkate turned from a passion project to a full time  job. The rest is history. Kate's husband Adam is now also full time in the business and together they employ a small team who help manufacture all Kate's incredible designs. While the collection still features the original ubercircles it has expanded to include a range of beautiful crystal and gemstone earnings, necklaces and cocktail rings, friendship bangles as well as a large array of pieces that allow for the personalisation of jewellery for which Uberkate has become famous. Perhaps our fave is the new 'Expressions' range that allows you to have your own words or messages engraved on to any Uberkate piece ... in your exact handwriting. What a special way to eternalise a message. If you haven't already guessed ... we are huge fans of Kate. Her energy is contagious and her passion for what she does is inspiring. We caught up for a chat (and may well have over stayed our welcome!) .....  

How do you start your day? Waking up in a fluffy cloud of linen and having coffee delivered to my bed by my bare torsoed husband...

5 life lessons that you’d share with “20 year old” you Wear sunscreen, Don't make up your mind about a person until you have met them at least 3 times, Make more time for fun, Filling all your days and hours with work won't make you happy and Everything is going to work out!! (wear more bikinis while you have a great bod)

How would you describe your style? All things gold, bright and shiny. I get bored often and easily and am constantly evolving what I wear, what I create and what I'm into.. (very exhausting for my husband)

What do you like to do in your downtime? Stand Up Paddle boarding and travelling. Cooking and hanging with my lady mates.

What’s your Guilty pleasure Ice cream.. I eat it often and in vast quantities

If you were a piece of fruit what would you be? A dragon fruit.. they are a bit weird, a beautiful colour and they often have gold tips (It's always about the gold!)

When packing to go away what wouldn’t you leave behind? My jewels! I pack my bling to go with each outfit.. I like to lay everything out before I travel so I don't have any excess (and I have room for new things)

Which stone/crystal resonates most with you and why? Larimar... when I first stumbled across this stone a few years ago it actually took my breath away. Each piece is like a different slither of the ocean. It only comes from a few small islands in the Carribbean and there is something quite magical about it. I recently discovered a new stone in Hong Kong that I can't wait to share with everyone later in the year!