The Plant room is, as the name suggests, a room full of beautiful plants in equally exquisite pots. But it doesn't stop there. This creative space also houses ceramics, furniture, wall hangings and art. The Plant Room is the brainchild of interior designer and stylist, Emma McPherson who identified a gap in the market for beautifully potted plants. The seed from this original idea then grew to include hand crafted furniture, ceramics and wall hangings, to create a retail concept that is unlike any other. The Plant room is both a community and creative space as well as a retail space that also houses workshops on horticulture, naturopathy, meditation and ceramics. Emma's motto is to propagate, educate and collaborate and  this is delivered to perfection in her unique and stylish retail offering. The furniture on display by Dion Antony and JD Lee is all  hand crafted and complimented by a selection of beautifully curated vintage pieces. The ceramic vessels and pots by designers including Sophie Jane Moran, Elke Lucas and Wing Nut and Co share a distinctive Japanese style and work beautifully as pots to house the plants or as decorative pieces in their own right. A selection of wall hangings by Mowgli Studio, Little Loom and Leo and Lim add to the eclectic offering and earthy appeal of this fabulous store. The Plant Room is a unique and beautifully curated retail concept that combines elements that perhaps wouldn't usually sit side by side but do so effortlessly and stylishly. 


57 Pittwater Road Manly NSW 2095

Emma McPherson

0417 139 363