It’s not very often that we are lost for words, but on stepping into Tania’s incredible home we were both rendered speechless. It ‘s bursting with colour, energy and a relaxed, bohemian vibe that is both mesmerizing and magical. Every nook and cranny is filled with Tania’s incredible curios, collections and artworks that are exotic, flamboyant and sensual in equal measure. When entering off the back lane, the only hint of what’s to come is the fabulous, flowery door that was painted by Tania’s artistic daughter (clearly that apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree). Tania’s studio occupies the first floor and she and her daughter live in an apartment above, which is so cool it’s like walking in to the set of a movie. It’s the opposite of minimalist … bursting with life, colour, texture and personality. From the huge daybed covered with cushions from Tania’s textiles range to the butterfly and fan collections that cover the walls. Every space is filled with interesting pieces that tell a story and are put together in the most eclectic and artistic way. This is not a look that most people could pull off; but then again Tania is not “most people” … far from it. She is an accomplished artist who has exhibited both in Australia and abroad. Since 2011 she’s spent two months of every year on a painting residency in Tahiti and many of her works reflect a slightly tropical “island” vibe. Tania’s works are as bold and beautiful as she is but are also symbolic and sensual. She explores themes such as ‘Urban Amazons,’ inspired by an emerging ‘tribe’ of women who are feisty and feminine and ‘Blood and Ink,’ inspired by the culture of Polynesia. Tania runs art classes from her kitchen … byo cheese and wine to get those creative juices flowing.  I’m not sure that my words actually do Tania’s amazing nest justice … it’s a visual feast … colourful, bohemian, eclectic and full of character and life. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

To find out more about Tania, her art classes or to purchase some of her original paintings, fabulous textiles or prints go to

If your house came to life, who would it be? I'd have to say Frida Kahlo meets Carmen Miranda with a healthy dose of Island Queen thrown in the mix. (or is that who I want to be?)

What are your four best ‘cheap and cheerful’ finds? My fabulous free standing orange bird cage I bought at the set sale from the movie 'Australia'; A vintage wooden jewellery box from Spain. It has a gorgeous painting of Gypsy palm readers on the lid, I picked up at the markets in Barcelona; my Murano glass collection acquired at Rozelle markets over the years; And lastly, this is not necessarily a cheap and cheerful find, but more of a serendipitous acquisition, my 2 meter long Tahitian black pearl necklace that I swapped for a few prints.

What does your house say about you? Definitely that I am an artist, with very eclectic and bohemian taste. Perhaps also that I am a free spirit and do not conform to the norm.

What do you love about living here? I love my space, It is my home and place of work. Also being located on Darling street smack in the hub of Rozelle is a bonus. I love the weekend markets across the road held In the grounds where my daughter goes to school, the great café's and wine bars and my art supply shop, Tilly's is just 2 doors away...what more could an artist wish for.

Are you a collector? Absolutely....things, objects, artworks always look better on mass to me. I love art and artifacts, but I must also admit I can be a bit of a bower bird hoarder...I have a glass cabinet where I keep strange things I have collected on my travels like rusty railway sleeper nails from Panama, broken ceramics from the beach in Cadaques, and small pieces of drift wood that resemble the human form. 

What’s your favourite room and why? Although I love my living room, I'd have to say my dining room/kitchen/sunroom area. Friends tend to congregate here, I like chatting and drinking with them while I cook, we sit around my rustic dining table sharing a meal or a few too many wines, it has a great atmosphere. There is also a cozy little daybed under the window where I like to relax in the afternoons.

4 biggest design inspirations? Gypsy Caravans, Andalusian tiled courtyards, Traditional Tahitian Fare's and J.P Getty's Palais de la Zahia in Marakesh.

What food best describes you? I'd have to say a mixed spicy Paella loaded with saffron, garlic and chilli.

What's your signature dish? Baked whole snapper stuffed with fresh sage, butter, garlic and lemon, with a salad of warm baby new potatoes, loads of rocket, Sicilian olives, fresh parsley, sage and capers.

If I were a cocktail I would be ... A Mai Tai made by Maire (my naughty bar tender friend In Tahiti) or a Caipirinha (but it has to be made with authentic Brazilian Cachaca). Like me I like it strong and of good quality, and when it's on the house, even better.

Dream dinner party guest? Frida Khalo, Picasso, Carmen Miranda, Cameron de la Isla (the sexiest Flameco singer ever), Josephine Baker, Johnny Depp, and several gorgeous tattooed island men who can play the Ukulele.

Favourite item in your wardrobe ? That's a tough one, I'd have to say all my kaftans, they are comfy yet sexy. They are so versatile and can be either thrown on for swanning around the house or with a few jewels and a pair of heels for instant glamour.

Fave online store? Spell

Best fashion advice your mum gave you? Don't dress like a tart

What 2 things in your wardrobe could you not live without? My Kaftan and my Bikini.

Can’t live without ...My feisty daughter Anouk, travel, music, art, painting, laughter and sex.

Listening to ...Pandora Radio...I love it! But lovin the Franky Knuckles song at the moment 'Blind'