Suzy Byrne’s home on Sydney’s lower north shore is a lot like her … stylish, full of character and with a warmth that makes you want to just pull up a chair and stay for a chat. Both us birds are lucky enough to call Suzy a friend and we’ve been waiting patiently for her to apply the finishing touches to her new home so we can share it with you. And boy … was it worth the wait. Over the course of a year, Suzy inspected close to 180 houses (all within a fairly small geographical area) before finding the ‘one’. Perched high on the hill, with breathtaking views over Balmoral Beach and out past the heads, this home is glam but grounded and oozing style but not in a pretentious ‘don’t touch’ kind of way.  Built in the early 1900’s, this house seamlessly merges the old and new into a fabulous and functional family home to Suzy, her husband David and their two teenage kids. Internally it has a classic yet contemporary ‘beachy’ feel, furnished with a collection of beautiful pieces many of which Suzy sourced specifically for the house. The colour palette of sea green and blues compliments the spectacular view and gives it a sense of serenity that is really lovely. The open plan living spaces all open out to the view and the teenage retreat downstairs is perfect for the next chapter in their busy lives. A chapter which will also see Suzy change direction from a career in events and marketing to commence a psychology degree next year. At a time when most of us are thinking about winding down, Suzy is just winding up and that’s what we love about her. She is undoubtedly one of the most positive, energetic and intelligent birds we know, but at the same time she’s warm, easy going and generous … all characteristics which are reflected in her beautiful home. 

How would you describe yourself in 3 words... Inquisitve, straight-up, always up for a laugh (and not especially good with word limits!)

I can’t start my day without … a slice of lemon in hot water

If my house came to life it would it be … a marshmallow because I like to think it’s a soft place to land

If I could only save 3 ‘things’ from my house they would they be … my Susanne Kraisser bronze, my jewellery box, passports and important papers

My fave online store is … netaporter (in sale time)

My decorating style is … classic, coastal and a little bit french

When no-one is home but me, I study, answer emails or soak up the tranquility with a good book or mag.

If I were a cocktail I would be ... a peach bellini

If money were no object I would buy … an apartment in Place Furstenberg in Paris

My favourite piece of furniture is … a marble topped antique oak French dresser

My guilty pleasure is … a weekly blowdry

My dream dinner party guests are … Ricky Gervais, George and Amal Clooney, Julia Louis Drefyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, Meryl Streep and Mick Jagger.

My signature dish is … Dean and Deluca’s Chicken Marbella

Entertaining tip to wow your guests ? Prep absolutely everything beforehand so that you can enjoy having fun with your guests the entire time

5 ingredients always on my shopping list … Mulloon Creek Eggs, Chobani Natural Yoghurt, Sourdough, blueberries and smoked salmon

Favourite place for … 

A drink with the girls? Balmoral Boatshed

Breakfast? Balmoral Boatshed

Coffee? Penny Royal

A cheap and cheerful meal? Chinaman Dumpling

A special occassion dinner? Haven’t been, but keen to try the new Bennelong Restaurant at the Opera House. I also recommend Monopole and Berta.

You will never see me … riding a road bike again after I fractured my shoulder in 3 places

I save on … I have bought some great Art for bargain prices at Lawsons Auctions

I splurge on …. shoes, shellac and fashion. I am obsessed with outerwear.

When it comes to fashion, I feel most comfortable in … a summer dress.

Best fashion advice my mum gave me was … good quality shoes look just as good after years of wear if you keep ‘em polished

My signature Scent is anything by Jo Malone. At the moment its Grapefruit

Creative people who inspire me … Kit Kemp, (Firmdale Hotels) Iris Apfel (90 something NYC Fashionista) and my especially design savvy friends Gina Anstee, Annie Harrison, Kirstine Robinson and Tracey Van Weelde.