We get such a kick out of uncovering fantastic Australian fashion brands, especially ones that tell a story and serve a purpose that goes beyond making us all look fabulous. Sarah J Curtis ticks all those boxes and then some with her range of beautiful hats that are both stylish and functional and born from necessity. While pregnant with her second child, Sarah was diagnosed with skin cancer. She needed to protect her skin but still wanted to look stylish and so the Sarah J Curtis label came to be. She specialises in classic shapes like the panama and fedora with a focus on quality craftsmanship and functionality. Her panama hats are made with the same toquilla straw as the traditional version and her woolen fedora’s use Australian merino wool. In the twelve months since the brands inception, Sarah J Curtis hats have become quite the hot ticket item around town and a favourite of a celebrity or two including Fifi Geldof, Jesinta Campbell and Rachel Finch. While we love an A list endorsement these hats totally speak for themselves. Hot colours and cool shapes. An accessory that should become a staple in every Australian woman’s wardrobe.

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