Hold onto your hats people … because the incredible home of our very own Quirky Bird, Piera is finally finished … and boy was it worth the wait. We’ve regaled you with the stories along the way, so we thought it was only fair that we shared the finished product, which quite frankly will blow your mind. This house is truly extraordinary. Stylish, understated and cool with an attention to detail that is second to none. From the timber paneling to the copper roof and splashes of colour that compliment that jaw dropping view. This beautiful family home is everything Piera and her family dreamt it would be and more. Sure, there were a few (ok a lot) of issues and obstacles along the way, but their perseverance has paid off in spades. 

So, how does it feel .. after all these years to finally be in your magnificent home? I feel a sense of relief that we are finally in but at the same time excited about embarking on  the new chapter of now making this house our home. I am so proud of what we have achieved.

Your attention to detail in the finishes is incredible...Tell us a bit about some of these? Aesthetic and function was our priority. Together with our architect Nick Kent I hope we have achieved a minimal, understated simplicity in this project. Nick's attention to detail in every way is a testament to his passion as an architect working to please us as the client. From the detail of the exterior architecture to the interior architecture, the flow of the spaces from indoor to outdoor, the design of the rooms,the aspect,the lighting,everything was considered, even the furniture!

Do you have a favourite room or spot ? I love my cup of tea in bed with the curtains drawn in the mornings watching the view. The timber ceilings are my favourite feature of the house. 

Your furniture is amazing...what are your 3 favourite pieces? Extra soft sofa by Living divani because it is extra soft and comfy, (my husband did design the house around this sofa). Baleri Plato low bedside tables in marble, (these are so heavy and feel so beautiful). Fritz Hansen Oak Essay dinning table, perfect for all the entertaining we will be doing. 

Is there anything you would do differently? Ahh HINDSIGHT !! the things i know now, probs wouldn't have even dared.

Highs and lows of the build process? We went to the site just about everyday and just to see the progress was a real buzz no matter how big or small. The main high was the pouring of the lower slab. The low would have to be the amount of rain through the build that set us back again and again.

What are the traps for young players embarking on a big project like this? key words - COMPROMISE and PATIENCE ! Stick to the budget because no matter how hard you try you will overspend.

So...was it like childbirth...have you forgotten the horrors and ready to do it again ? Yes, it was a bit like childbirth...long and painful. NO! I wouldn't do it again but thank god this is our forever home and I wont have to.

When is the house warming party? Sometime in the summer as the house is built around indoor/outdoor living and the garden will be more established.

What now? I'm looking forward to entertaining family and friends and making some beautiful memories. It is still a work in progress as still so much to do to make it feel liked a lived in and homely.