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Every Problem Has A Creative Solution

As ‘The Two Quirky Birds’ we’ve developed a reputation for stylish solutions with a bit of edge. Our passion is for ‘all things interiors’ and we love uncovering and sharing fabulous products, stores and ideas with our readers. We truly believe that everyone deserves a fabulous nest but feel frustrated by how intimidating and out of reach traditional interior design services are for most people. We believe that interior design should not just be accessible to an elite few, so we’ve created an affordable and transparent design service that shakes off all the stuffy clichés.

How we are different

2QB Interiors is totally transparent (just a flat hourly rate). You can purchase as many or as few hours as you like. We don’t take a commission or add on a markup and we’ll pass on all our industry discounts. We recognise that interior design is not a one-size fits all solution, so our service is customized to your unique style and needs. No job (or budget) is too big or too small. So whether you want help sourcing a new sofa, your bedroom needs a new lease of life or you want to revamp your kitchen … we’re the birds for the job.

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