A swarm of moths has invaded my home and taken up asylum in my pantry. I kid you not … there are thousands of these suckers! Admittedly, they have been scoping out their new abode for the past few weeks, but obviously called for reinforcements overnight, because this morning I was faced with what could only be described as a problem of plague proportions. OK, so I should probably have addressed this issue a little sooner (in my defense I did buy some of those sticky moth traps)... But lets be honest, who wants to be confronted with the reality of just how bad a housekeeper they really are?

Well, it all came to an ugly head this morning when my son was about to tuck in to his usual serving of eight weetbix and caught a glimpse of ‘movement’ in the bowl. Yup... Little “worms” were hiding between the bix... far from ideal!

So, the time had come to act, and armed with paper towel and spray and wipe I started removing every out of date sachet of marinade, every half empty packet of flour (some almost walked out on their own) and multiple lone muesli bars that have been in residence since before Gilligan’s Island last aired on tv.

 I chucked, sealed and scoured until the pantry shone and then restocked... all the while swatting and squashing any moth that dared to attempt an escape.

My cleaning frenzy and need for lidded containers also highlighted the disgraceful state of my Tupperware cupboard. A tidal wave of plastic has showered many an unsuspecting child over recent months and the chance of finding a matching lid... well dream on.

So, the task snowballed and 4 hours (and one very full bin) later I finished. I must admit that it was quite therapeutic… Feeling in control of my domain, although I now have a weird obsession with beating the moths. I creep in and switch on the light at all times of the day and night, armed with my chux, ready to launch a surprise attack and ambush any unsuspecting critters that have dared to cross into enemy territory. It’s not clear yet who will be victorious …. I suspect it won’t be me.