I should start this story with a disclaimer : Both of us ‘Quirky Birds’ sport a short hair-do. In fact, a friend recently described us as a pixie cut version of Anna and Frieda. We have a definite bias towards a short “do” and feel compelled to dispel a few myths and preach the virtues of rocking a shorty

I cut off my hair over 17 years ago in a sleep deprived haze about 4 weeks after my first child was born. I should mention that I was not blessed with the thick, wavy tresses sported by the likes of Sofia Vergara. No. My hair could best be described as dead straight, limp and lank. My school photo plaits resembled a pathetic rats tail and sadly there is only so much that a velcro roller can do. So, with my Captain Sensible “new mum” hat on I marched off and had my pathetic locks chopped. 

My new look was met with an equal mix of admiration and surprise. “Wow … I love your hair. How brave of you to go so short” was the general consensus. In fact I think some girls felt I should have been nominated for a Cross of Valour, such was the courage I displayed. Others barely disguised their shock with lame words of encouragement like “that must be so much easier to look after” or “I could never pull off such short hair.”


A girl cutting her hair is still viewed by many as a radical departure from the social norm of long, feminine locks … and in many ways it is. But by my way of thinking it takes a certain confidence and spunk to take that plunge. Short hair offers no refuge behind which you can hide and very little option to ‘change up’your look. I always look the same … 24/7 and I like the transparency of that. Don’t get me wrong, I do go though periods where I wished I had a long, shiny layered do or enough hair to pull into a ponytail. 

I think the other unspoken reason for many girls not going short is the widely held belief that “men prefer long hair” … to which I would respond, well yes … a certain type of man does. (Probably the same type that would prefer you to wear short dresses, high heals and not to work). To me short hair can be just as sexy as long hair. Take Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry and Robin Wright. All gorgeous, confident and totally sexy women who rock a pixie cut.

So, I guess the moral of the story is don’t hide behind your hair or let fusty old stereotypes stop you from trying something new. If you feel like a change take the chop.