Ok … lets face it. We all love the obligatory hand crafted masterpiece served with cold toast and milky tea on Mother’s Day … but if your tribe insist on spoiling you with additional pressies (and god know you deserve them) … then we’re certainly not advocates of leaving this choice to chance. Best to steer your precious peeps in the right direction … and that direction is Woollahra where three of our fave brands are joining forces for a pop up store from Tuesday May 3 to Sunday May 7. What fortuitous timing! Everyday Cashmere, 1803 and By Freer, share more than just great style. All three brands maintain a commitment to sustainable luxury designing timeless and premium quality products, but certainly not at the expense of style. Penny Hanan’s 1803 label utilises the bi-products of deer farming to produce a range of products from leather bags to hide rugs and hand forged knives that ooze integrity and combine a raw aesthetic overlaid with stylish simplicity and quality craftsmanship. Jen Hart’s Everyday Cashmere Label showcases luxurious cashmere and silk pieces from sweaters and scarves to ponchos and pants. Everyday pieces that are timeless and versatile … perfect for travel or everyday use. Lesley Watson’s ‘By Freer’ is a collection of simple, relaxed basics crafted in luxurious fabrics. Her pieces are classic with a cool twist … suitable for any season. So, our advice is to subtly suggest this shop to your little (and big) friends. Anything they pick will be perfect.


155 Edgecliff Rd Woollahra

Tuesday May 3 – Sunday May 7