We have long been fans of The Monday Morning Cooking Club and we’re not alone. This group of five awesome ladies has garnered somewhat of a cult following and it’s easy to see why. Since 2006 they have been meeting to cook together and share their passion for food and the preservation of ‘heirloom’ recipes from their community. In the process they have published three books, (all the profits from which have been donated to charity) and created a beautiful legacy that celebrates both the wonderfully diverse Jewish community (and their strong connection with food) and the philosophy that recipes chronicle our history and heritage and need to be preserved and passed on to future generations. These five awesome women all have unique strengths and personalities, but what’s obvious when you meet them is how much they enjoy each others company and how passionate they are for this incredible ‘club’ they’ve created. Their third book ‘It’s Always About The Food’ is the culmination of a global search for the most loved dishes that tell a story and honour the importance of the family table. And it’s this beautiful message that resonates through all the recipes and collections that this inspiring sisterhood curates …. that food brings together friends and family. We couldn’t agree more.

Click here to sample one of the scrumptious recipes from their most recent book 'It's Always About The Food'

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