Kyle Thurkettle oozes that elusive combination of energy, compassion and style and her beautiful home overlooking Sydney’s Middle Harbour is a perfect reflection of her personality. An American by birth who now calls Australia home, Kyle’s home is a real labour of love and testament to her vision and determination. Kyle and her husband bought the house about four years ago. It was built in the late 50’s and like most good design has withstood the test of time. Whilst the bones were good, the interiors needed to be completely reconfigured, a project that Kyle has overseen and managed for the last three years. The end result is a classic, light filled and stylish family home that is both sophisticated and homely and capitalises on the incredible view from almost every room. Renovating however is just one of many strings in Kyle’s impressive bow. She is also a qualified psychotherapist who works for RAISE as a Program Counsellor. Raise is a youth mentoring foundation that improves the lives of young people facing challenges by providing a community of support around them during the critical teenage years. Kyle’s role sees her oversee and facilitate programs and work with mentors, a role she is clearly passionate about. That same passion resonates throughout her beautiful home and in everything she does.



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How would you describe yourself in 3 words …Passionate, empathic, expressive

If my house came to life it would it be …Falkor, the flying Luck Dragon from the Never Ending Story (happy, white and Magical)

If I could only save 3 ‘things’ from my house they would they be … If we are talking possessions…then my photo books of our family trips. Can I only take 3 of them?

When no-one is home but me, I … Garden, work or relax outside

If I were a cocktail I would be … A Paloma….mmm!

If money were no object I would buy … Art!  Old-Marc Chagall and New-Martine Edmur (one day!)

My favourite piece of furniture is … The antique French Library table that my mother bought the year I was born.  My Mom shipped it to me from the US a few years ago.

My dream dinner party guests are … Robin Williams, Elisabeth Gilbert, Oprah, My Aunt Susie and Esther Hicks

My signature dish is …There’s no such thing for me. I Love to cook.

Entertaining tip to wow your guests ? Make your table beautiful first thing.  It’s so inspiring to have your table set before you start working in the kitchen.  Then if you’re running late it appears you’ve got it sorted and you can trick yourself into thinking that too!  Oh, and champagne, you don’t even need lots, just enough for a toast right at the start of a lunch or dinner.

5 ingredients always on my shopping list … Olive oil, tomatoes, in season fruit and veg and proteins

Favourite place for …A drink with the girls? Hugo’s at Manly…then stay for dinner and invite our boys.

Breakfast? Without a doubt my house, at the big table outside.

Coffee? Local…Grumpy Baker and Dose

A cheap and cheerful meal? (Almost) Anything Japanese

A special occasssion dinner? Otto or Hugo’s…So many birthdays, Christmas Eves and family celebrations to count!

You will never see me … shopping for more than an hour.

I save on … White dishes, bowls and cups

I splurge on … Champagne

When it comes to fashion, I feel most comfortable in  A great black dress…casual or dressed up

Best fashion advice my mum gave me was … Keep it classic

Creative people who inspire me … Are all around me and one of the best parts of my life…Some include my daughter Sophia, Vicki Condon, Marie Schlederer, Sasha Madon-Bacon, Kate Sutton (UberKate) and Martine Vanderspuy.  They all use their creativity to make a difference in the world.