When it comes to exercise and keeping fit there isn’t a fad we haven’t flaunted. From Step to spin and bootcamp to boxercise … we’ve been there, done that and got the fluoro g-string leotard to prove it. But there in lies the problem … these fads were just that; short-lived, not particularly effective and (after mastering the grapevine), mind numbingly boring! As women in our 40’s with multiple balls in the air, it’s often exercise that falls through the cracks, when we can least afford to relinquish it … because lets face it … gravity is a bitch once you hit 40.  All manner of things head south and the effort required to keep everything as close to where it once resided multiplies exponentially. Our quest to find the perfect fitness solution has been almost as challenging as our pursuit of the perfect white t-shirt … that is until we discovered Kyle Janks. Kyle employs a methodology that is all about movement, incorporating strength, flexibility and agility into a custom designed program that changes every week. His studio looks more like a true old school gymnasium than a mainstream commercial gym. Machines and weights are replaced by rings and bars and bicep curls and bench presses replaced by ‘skin the cats’, handstands and muscle ups. Both us birds are total converts of Kyle’s approach. We’re feeling (and if we do say so ourselves) looking better than we have in a long time. We caught up with Kyle for a chat about his background and fitness philosophy …

Can you tell us a bit about your background … I’m a 43 year old South African father of three boys who now resides in Sydney. I have always been passionate about training, sport and wellbeing. My journey to helping people started when I crushed three vertebrae in my neck whilst serving as a Navy Diver in Durban. Doctors and surgeons advised me that I would never be able to lead an active life again due to the extent of the injury. I sought out innovators and specialists in the injury rehab field and studied under them, absorbing and applying all that I had learnt. I still seek out innovators and keep inspired by demanding constant and never ending improvement from myself. Eighteen years later I have developed a mastery of training people out of pain and giving them a new lease on life.

Explain your training/fitness philosophy and the holistic approach you take. We are modern day man with caveman genetics. No longer do we hunt and gather, run, swim, climb and fight. The majority of our movement these days is sleeping, standing and sitting. Aiming to be move like our caveman ancestors is what we strive for and our clients feel younger, faster, fitter and stronger as a result. We use techniques such as gymnastics, yoga, pilates, physical therapy and dance inspired movement to design tailor made programs to suit the individual’s needs to obtain optimal results.

What differentiates your gym/studio from other more mainstream gyms? Mainstream gyms invest in equipment for people to train on and they can churn out numbers and focus on turnover, or the mainstream PT studios have cookie cutter programs for everyone to follow under the supervision of trainers who have a qualification that only takes 3 months to achieve, leaving them clueless as how to address the biomechanics of the human body. I don't employ staff I develop them. It takes at least a year of being mentored by me for my staff to be able to start designing clients programs. I have a philosophy of CANEI (constant and never ending improvement) I seek out leaders and innovators in the field of wellbeing and strive to improve myself, my coaches and inevitably our clients.

You talk a lot about our sedentary lifestyle and the importance of movement … can you explain why this particularly important in this day and age? Chairs are the cigarettes of the modern day. We are not designed to sit on chairs, or be in a fixed position for extended periods of time. In 3rd world countries people squat to eat, socialise and poop. We sit in our comfy car seats, work chairs, sofas and porcelain pots to poop, the results of this luxury is pain and digestive blockage. I teach people the importance of good movement.

As women in our 40’s what would you be recommending in terms of realistic training/fitness goals? You're only as old as you move. I don't categorise people into age groups. Some people have been far more active in their lives and are able to do far more complex movements compared to the person who has been more sedentary. I have a 64-year-old female client who arrived frail and weak and is now one of the strongest and most agile people I train. 

As a special Quirky Birds offer Kyle is offering our readers a free assessment. Call Kyle on 0448242714 to book in (and tell him the Quirky Birds sent you)

1/832 Military Rd Mosman

What are your own fitness goals? My short term goals are to do a one armed chin up, a one arm handstand and to be able to do a double flip off my single leg standing start.

How would you describe yourself in five words ? Passionate, Motivated, Enthusiastic, Fiery and Supportive

What inspires you? My family and my kids inspire me to live to see them have children and their children to have children.

What are your reading? Awareness through Movement by Moshe Feldenkrais

Secret indulgence? Dark chocolate

Dream dinner party guests? Dalai Lama, Oprah, Kanye West,Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netenyahu, Taylor Swift,Ido Portal & Angelina Jolie. 

I can’s start my day without …  my bullet proof coffee and fat filled breakfast.

You will never see me … giving up.