Copper's made a bit of a comeback in recent years, but in our opinion it never went out of style. We love the way it improves with age. It has a warmth and patina that is super cool and adds an eclectic touch to any room. From pendants to planters and coffee tables to candles, here's our pick of the season's coolest copper pieces. 


1. Copper Vessel $48 from

2. Telegraph Pendant Set in copper $199 from

3. By Lassen Kubus 4 Candle holder $252 from

4. By Lassen Kubus bowl in copper $252 from

5. Scamp Table (leg) - copper and marble $999 from

6. Fig Tree candle in copper $70 from

7. Hanging basket with copper bowl $200.67 from

8. Bloomingville hexagonal flower pot $89 from

9. H.Skjalm.P Candle holder in copper and marble $34 from

10. Copper/Timber 2 drawer side table $1300 from

11. VI Copper pendant $425 from

12. Copper Real Good Chair $499 from

13. AM Agnes Table $229.95 from

14. Mood Table Lamp $99.95 from

15. AM Copper Side Table $349.95 from

16. H.Skjalm PCopper Lamp $229 from

17. Roule Tray in copper $332 from

18. Stelton Vacuum Jug in copper $220 from