Around where I live there seem to be a lot of men who spend a lot of time just ‘hanging about.’ Coffee at 10am … ‘there they are’, sushi at noon … ‘bring it on’, gym at 2 …  ‘Why the hell not’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for flexible work hours and stay at home dads, but these guys don’t seem to fall into either of these categories. There are no laptops or piles of papers in sight and certainly no hint of annoying toddlers to distract them from their double espresso’s and Financial Reviews.

It seems that most of these men work, purport to work or have at some time in the past worked in “banking or finance” … to which most of us let out an audible and all knowing “Ah”. But am I alone in wondering what they actually do? The term ‘banking’ (which must be said with confidence and with strong emphasis on the “b”), as impressive as it sounds, could really encompass anything from working as a teller in the local Wesptac branch to running a hedge fund (whatever that is). One wife in the know recently espoused that the “PE” guys are making all the good money now. Fortunately I bit my tongue …. PE? … As in physical eduation? … no numnuts … ‘PE’ in the banking world stands for “private equity” and apparently these dudes are like the Victoria Secret models of the banking world. Top of the food chain!


These “banking guys” or “buys” as I have affectionately dubbed them are hard to avoid (try as I might) and seem to acknowledge others based on the “what’s in it for me” philosophy.  Clearly I offer very little upside and am usually greeted by my “buy” acquaintances with either the “down nod” - aka - “I’ve seen you and acknowledged you but that’s all your getting”; or occasionally the “up nod” – (usually accompanied by a disingenuous smile) which should be interpreted as – “I’ve seen you and you have permission to approach” (to exchange basic pleasantries only). Of course when someone of note or with something to offer comes into the frame, the aforementioned “buy” lights up, often even gets up … hand outstretched. Which leads me to conclude that these “buys” do have basic manners, they are just selective when applying them … I guess we’re all guilty of this on different levels??