Amanda Neville’s incredible nest ticks all the right boxes. Quiet, tree-lined street – check. Walking distance to beach and shops – check. Backs on to oval – check. And as if that’s not enough, it’s looks like it’s straight off the pages of Vogue Living. (note to self : jealousy is a very unattractive trait). The Neville’s moved in nine years ago and undertook a major reno in 2011 under the guiding hand of interior designer Cameron Kimber. The end result is quite spectacular, not only because the bones of this period home are fabulous, but because it flows so beautifully and incorporates some quirky inclusions that are a bit left of centre … and right up our alley. One such inclusion is the bold wallpaper choices like the padded, French linen paper in the main bedroom and the moody, black design in the formal lounge. Both gutsy choices that have paid off in spades. Art also plays a big part in this home which is hardly surprising given Amanda herself is an artist. Beautiful art adorns most walls and even the incredible butler’s pantry is home to a piece of art. Amanda’s incredible Philip Wofhagen painting was easily our fave and definitely worth the two-year wait. There’s no denying that this is a big ‘grown up’ house. Five bedrooms in the main house plus a two bedroom ‘cottage’ out the back, but Amanda has managed to make it feel calm and sophisticated without being ‘stuffy’. All the spaces get used and it has that intangible ‘lived in’ feel. This may have something to do with the stream of teenage ‘friends’ that “gather” at the Neville’s. But who can blame them though when you’re mate has a pad like this! The house seamlessly opens out to the Peter Fudge designed gardens which have a slightly French parterre feel to them and work perfectly with the style of the home. With two (almost) grown up kids, the Neville’s are open minded about what’s next, but one thing’s for sure, if they ever choose to downsize it would be very hard to leave this home.



If your house was to come to life, who would it be? Oooh Chris might not like the answer to that one...

What are your four best 'cheap and cheerful' finds? Can't really name four...will shop anywhere that takes my eye

What does your house say about you? Probably the opposite to me... calm, serene and orderly! 

What do you love about living there? All of the above and the feels like we are in the country side

If you were a chair, what would you be ? That's a hard one, probably a weathered lived in squishy leather number, not that I own one though!

Describe your style? Slightly schizophrenic..a true Gemini, but defiantly influenced by my nomadic childhood

What's your favourite room and why? Probably my seems to be where everyone congregates and i spend a huge amount of time in...not necessarily cooking I may add!

4 Biggest design inspirations? Travel, various amazing stylish beings I have met throughout my life, Cameron Kimber being one, books and mags...and of course Quirky Birds!!

What food best describes you ? No idea..Most likely Banoffee Pie (slightly strange combo )

What's your signature dish? Don't really have one, but my friends would say my white chocolate cheesecake,pure indulgence

If I were a cocktail? Caprioska

What's always in your fridge? Everything and sometimes nothing

No brainer weeknight meal? Anything that can be cooked on the BBQ or a roast

Dream dinner party guest? Maggie Smith

Favourite Item in your wardrobe? Jeans

Biggest regret purchase? My sons XBox!

Least Expensive item in your wardrobe? My bonds cottontails

Fave online store? My Theresa and Shopbop...and of course Husk!!!

Best fashion advice your mum gave you? You can dress up any outfit with great shoes and handbag. Also to never leave the house without lippy ( but i don't agree!!) 

Signature Scent? Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle

Beauty Icon... My Grandmother

Every woman should own... Good Bras!

Can't live without... So corny but true... My family ( and a good glass of red wine )