Two Quirky Birds was born over a hundred skim lattes and a mutual admiration society formed between Piera and Ang. We were both busy but bored … looking for more and keen to create ‘something’ that would give us a sense of purpose … that catered to women like us … cool but quirky, stylish but savvy and wise but not washed up. We’re not editors or photographers and we sure aren’t models … just two slightly quirky birds with a vision to create a site that was accessible and entertaining, relevant and real. A place where we can share all the quirky bits, cool tips and funny quips … from fashion to food, where to go and fab finds with lots of sneak peeks into the lives of other birds like us. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we’re learning as we go but we’d love you to join our flock of quirky birds and come along for the ride.